Hi, Welcome to Max & Raine.

I'm Becki, the person behind everything you see here.

I started Max & Raine in July 2015 as a way to outlet my passion for creating unique & stylish clothing for my 2 young children. After a couple of years in buisness, i had to take a step back to focus on a house move, a new job and my children, But after 18 months away, i found myself missing my platform, and decided it was time to come back to it, only this time, with a slightly different look then before. Starting Max & Raine for me was a natural progression to my passion for creating unique and beautiful clothing for my own children, I have very big plans for this little business, & I love watching it grow.

It is an absolute dream designing my own Childrens Clothing Range, putting it together & seeing your little ones wearing my pieces. 

I have 2 of my own little ones, who are older now, and 1 last little one on the way to complete our family. You may occasionally see them featured throughout my site and social media. They play a huge role inspiring all of my designs, although they are bigger now and not too interested in modelling for me so much anymore.

Every item in my shop is completely handmade by myself, I am a 1 woman band. All embroidery is hand done by myself, as is all of the sewing. I have a huge love for anything Beautiful, Boho and Vintage, and you will see this shown throughout my clothing.

•••Team Max & Raine•••

We have an amazing & supportive team behind the scenes, they help with promotion, they help me pick fabrics & decide on colour ways, they share their ideas and they critique me when I need it. They play a massive role in the growth of my business, and I am forever grateful for their help, all past and present Team members.

If you would like to keep up to date with opportunities to join our team, be sure to follow our Instagram account for any announcements.