Image of Hand Embroidered Surprise

Hand Embroidered Surprise

£40.00 - £50.00

Know you want something beautiful and hand embroidered, but can't decide what? This is the perfect solution, choose your littles ones size and leave the rest up to me. If you have any preferences, i.e dress, romper or 2 piece, or have something you don't want, like a certain fabric or colour maybe? Leave a note at check out, then sit back and wait for your surprise to arrive in the post.
Surprise items will be made up from any selection of fabric I have to hand, these can include any fabric available listed on the website, or something I have stashed away in my cupboard. Item will be completely random also, it might be something currently listed, such as a Fern or Cordelia, or it might be something different all together, so please be sure to leave a note if you have something you do not want.
What ever you receive, you can rest assure that it will be made from the best quality fabrics, made to a high standard, and embroidered to compliment and complete the look.

Please do note, this listing is for surprise items only, if you know exactly what you want, then this isn't the purchase for you. This listing is reduced to allow for handing over the full creative reigns to me, if you have in mind exactly what you want, please purchase that item in your chosen print and add on the added embroidery extra❤️ if you want full control, but are struggling to decide, please do send me a message, either via or through social media, I am always happy to chat and help you settle on the perfect piece for you❤️

Image of Hand Embroidered Surprise
Image of Custom Iris Romper/Dress
Custom Iris Romper/Dress
Image of Hand Embroidered Honeysuckle Dress in Millie • Ready to Post Image of Hand Embroidered Honeysuckle Dress in Millie • Ready to Post
Hand Embroidered Honeysuckle Dress in Millie • Ready to Post
£20.00 — On sale
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